TVAP is a component of the NHGRI (National Human Genome Research Institute) iSeqTools Network. The major goals for the network are to:

  • Enable independent researchers outside the major centers to use sequence data analysis tools.
  • Democratize access to genome informatics tools.
  • Reduce the cost and the skills required for genome analysis.
  • Share knowledge and utilize synergies found within the Network.
  • Innovate in metrics for the positive impact of software and professional credit for this work.

TVAP is supported by NIH grant 5U01HG006517 awarded to Li Ding, PhD and NHGRI GS-IT program & iSeqTools.

TVAP Pipeline


Broad Institute Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK)
Harvard University Genome STRiP: Structural Variation (with Broad Institute)
Scripps Research Institute SG-ADVISER
University of Michigan Variant Identification & Functional Assessment (with the University of Utah)
University of Southern California RseqFlow: An RNA-Seq Analysis Pipeline
University of Utah Variant Identification & Functional Assessment (with the University of Michigan)